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In 2017, nonPareil created a new mascot for ONCOR, the largest energy delivery company in Texas. Stripe the Safety Cone was born and this led to nonPareil’s PowerSourcing team to engage with ONCOR to build the Super Safe Kids educational game. Stripe the Safety Cone

The PowerSourcing team worked with ONCOR to design, develop, and deploy a game that would be both engaging and educational, teaching seven to ten year old children about electric safety. The project provided the opportunity for more than twenty nonPareil crew members to use the digital entertainment technology skills that they learned as part of our training program. They gained real-world work experience in a supportive work environment, grew in confidence as technology professionals, developed project management skills, and more. Each of them continued to reach towards their own better future. nonPareil and the PowerSourcing team are grateful for the opportunity that ONCOR provided and the confidence they showed in us and all of the nonPareil crew members that worked on the project.

PowerSourcing is part of nonPareil, a post-secondary training option for adults with autism. PowerSourcing specializes in creating custom solutions for businesses. To learn more about how we can collaborate with your company or app development team, contact us at 972-842-9002.