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Take a look at the latest 3d-printable model that you can download for free and print at home.  Our artists work from a general brief and then first develop a series of rough concepts.  From there, discussions are held to home in on a more specific concept and a detailed version is created.  Next, the digital modeling and sculpting process begins.

For this creature, a Modron from the game Dungeons and Dragons, we were met with a few challenges.  It needed to properly represent the creature in the game, which is primarily based on a geometric model, but also needed to convey a lot of character.  Our artists pulled this off beautifully with each face having a distinctly different expression.

We have a team of talented artists and modelers can bring your project to life, going from concept to fully articulated digital 3d model suitable for 3d printing or digital application or game use.  Whether you need monstrous creatures for games or technical parts for prototyping, we can build it for you.  www.thingiverse.com/np-dev

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