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It Makes Sense to Outsource Tech Support 

Help Desk Outsourcing, Digital Asset Management Solutions, and More

PowerSourcing excels throughout a multitude of other technical services such as running your help desk to offer your employees or clients a personal and professional way to receive assistance. We are also great at creating digital archives, conducting quality assurance testing, building knowledge bases and help files, and much more!

Digital Archive Creation and Digital Asset Management Services

PowerSourcing is staffed with highly-trained programmers and skilled digital content creators on the Autism spectrum who understand the importance of attention to detail when it comes to archiving and cataloguing your digital files. We are experienced DAM Platform creators and administrators and we can offer expert guidance in assembling your company’s digital asset management software.

Our experience with creating and maintaining digital asset management DAM software and DAM solutions as well as our meticulous attention to detail, means that your organization’s images, videos, logos and other creative files will be archived and organized.

Outsourcing the creation of your digital asset management (DAM) system assures you a cost-effective solution to guaranteeing that definitive files are available and that only approved images and other digital files are available to your marketing and other teams. This ensures that important files and documents don’t get lost, are easily retrievable and are high-quality and approved.

The bottom line is that by letting PowerSourcing create your company’s Digital Asset Management System you protect your brand and make your valuable digital archives easily available to your teams who rely on these media assets.

Help Desk Outsourcing


Learn How PowerSourcing Can Support Your Business

    Outsourcing Tech Support Can Help You Maintain Profitability

    Whether you run an app development company, a gaming company or just an organization that needs to maintain their digital assets in a more effective manner, PowerSourcing’s tech outsourcing solutions can help. Our technicians have each completed intensive and ongoing technical training within our nonPareil facilities.

    We train individuals on the autism spectrum both in the technical skills they will need to effectively offer technical support services, but also with the “soft skills” they require to integrate and fit in seamlessly as an extension of your team.

    We understand the pros and cons of outsourcing technical support must be carefully weighed so that you save time and money, are able to maintain high quality products and services, are able to trust that technical issues are resolved satisfactorily and that your support team is melding effectively with your mission and vision.

    Whether you hire PowerSourcing to handle your Help Desk or Call Center, your 2D and 3D Graphic DevelopmentMobile App Development or other tasks such as Digital Asset Management or Digital Archive Creation and maintenance, rest assured that each member of the PowerSourcing team assigned to your project is themselves supported by a team of professionals focused on making sure your decision to trust PowerSourcing is one you will be glad you made.

    We are eager to learn about your core business goals and to demonstrate how service outsourced can save your company money and time, all while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

    Help Desk, Call Center Outsourcing, and Business Outsourcing Services

    One of the most important elements to your company’s success is providing customer support when your clients need it.

    We allow you to outsource help desk and call center agents who are detail-oriented, responsible and cost-effective. We provide outsourced customer service solutions and service desk representatives who will improve your customer experience through improved response time regardless of call volume or technical difficulty.

    Fill out the form on this page to let PowerSourcing show you how you can outsource help desk services and improve your overall customer support experience.

    PowerSourcing: Comprehensive Business Support Services

    Along with our focus on business mobile application development and the creation of 2D and 3D Graphics, PowerSourcing rounds out our business outsourcing offerings with services such as manning contact centers, conducting quality assurance testing, building knowledge bases and help files, and other types of business process outsourcing.

    We know what goes into the development of technical tools that your business relies upon and we have the insight to help your customers and clients navigate these environments. 

    We provide a new way of outsourcing your development, IT, digital asset management, help desk and other services you might have otherwise managed in-house. Our unique alternative to hiring, contract to hire and outsourcing means that you will have quality developers and service providers available when you need their services without the bulky overhead that hiring a team of developers might add.

    We help you get done what you need while remaining agile and nimble and gaining an edge over your competition.

    The PowerSourcing Approach to Business Services

    PowerSourcing are masters of reframing the business paradigm to adapt to human beings and rethinking how individuals along the Autism spectrum can unlock this paradox. We are leaders with a solid background in business and technology and with personal and professional needs to facilitate a place in the world for undervalued and misunderstood individuals with autism.

    Through our understanding and empathy with both worlds we saw the path forward as one in which these highly motivated, highly skilled individuals who might otherwise not have a place in which to focus their laser sharp attention are given skills and mechanisms through which they can excel in fields that are sorely needed by todays burgeoning tech sector.

    The “right” individuals with training, understanding and motivation to excel at the sometimes tedious tasks of populating apps and games with graphics, characters and functionality are perfectly suited to our highly trained technicians.

    But our business model does not stop with simply training our students to become technicians. Our specialized training model means that these individuals are supported along the way by leadership who understand how to harness the superpowers of the autism diagnosis.

    Through our understanding of the development of technical tools that your business relies upon we are perfectly suited to provide support through your company help desk or tech support system.

    Our approach to outsourcing your development, IT, digital asset management, help desk and other services allows your company to save money, become more competitive all while knowing that your outsourced services are being handled right here in the US by a responsive and responsible team dedicated to your success.