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Help Desk Outsourcing, Digital Asset Management and More

PowerSourcing excels a multitude of other technical services such as operating as your help desk to offer your clients a personal and professional avenue for assistance, creating digital archives, conducting quality assurance testing, building knowledge bases and help files, and much more!

Digital Archive Creation and Digital Asset Management Services

PowerSourcing is staffed with highly-trained programmers and skilled digital content creators who understand the importance of attention to detail when it comes to archiving and cataloguing your digital files.

Our experience with creating and maintaining digital asset management DAM solutions and our meticulous attention to detail, means that your organization’s images, videos, logos and other creative files will be archived and organized.

Outsourcing the creation of your digital asset management (DAM) system assures you a cost-effective solution to guaranteeing that definitive files are available and that only approved images and other digital files are available to your marketing and other teams. This ensures that important files and documents don’t get lost, are easily retrievable and are high-quality and approved.

The bottom line is that by letting PowerSourcing create your company’s Digital Asset Management System you protect your brand and make your valuable digital archives easily available to your teams who rely on these media assets.

Help Desk Outsourcing


Learn How PowerSourcing Can Support Your Business

    Help Desk, Call Center Outsourcing and Business Outsourcing Services

    One of the most important elements to your company’s success is providing customer support when your clients need it.

    We allow you to outsource help desk and call center agents who are detail-oriented, responsible and cost-effective. We provide outsourced customer service solutions and service desk representatives who will improve your customer experience through improved response time regardless of call volume or technical difficulty.

    Fill out the form on this page to let PowerSourcing show you how you can outsource help desk services and improve your overall customer support experience.

    PowerSourcing: Comprehensive Business Support Services

    Along with our focus on business mobile application development and the creation of 2D and 3D Graphics, PowerSourcing rounds out our business outsourcing offerings with services such as manning contact centers, conducting quality assurance testing, building knowledge bases and help files, and more.

    We know what goes into the development of technical tools that your business relies upon and we have the insight to help your customers and clients navigate these environments.


    How Can Putting Autism To Work® Help Your Business?

    Some consider autism a disability; we choose to understand it as a super power. According to a recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management, “research shows that there can be business benefits to hiring employees with autism. People on the autism spectrum often demonstrate trustworthiness, strong memories, reliability, adherence to rules and attention to detail.”

    We at PowerSourcing have been involved with training and working with individuals with autism through our parent organization nonPareil Institute for over a decade. nonPareil Institute works with the autism community by providing world-class digital training in an “autism-friendly” work environment.

    This training and business preparation allows individuals with autism to learn skills that they can excel in which also match up with the current demands of the business world. Through our organization, students have published a multitude of digital games and apps both for businesses and also available for download on the iTunes store, the Android Store and through Steam.

    PowerSourcing facilitates the business of outsourcing and placement of our many talented and skilled individuals, supporting them and offering them the framework to bring their unique skills to market. Our staff are constantly improving their skillsets through ongoing training and certification and through partnerships with businesses.