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PowerSourcing: Viewing Autism at Work as a Super Power.

As parents and teachers we at PowerSourcing and our parent company, nonPareil Institute, see that one of the world’s most untapped resources is the potential of people on the autism spectrum.

Working closely with nonPareil Institute we identify individuals with autism with the aptitudes, skills, and desire to work in the fields of: programming, mobile application design and development, graphic design, 2D and 3D Art, Help Desk services and more.


We Train and Hire Autism Spectrum Affected Individuals

The environment at nonPareil is designed around working with and teaching every individual as the unique person they are. Our staff, teachers and support employees have a history of success in bringing out the abilities of children with autism, building on those abilities, and helping them focus their skills to become successful and fulfilled employees with autism.

Just like any other individual, a person with autism is unique, however there are particular abilities that we often see in the form of skill sets that make these individuals particularly suited for fields involving technology.

Autistic individuals often have a particularly strong ability to focus attention to details and see patterns as “visual thinkers.” Seeing the demands of the fields of technology meld with students who might have otherwise had their abilities and skills otherwise go untapped is a particular joy shared by everyone at nonPareil and PowerSourcing.

The hurdles often facing people with disabilities on the autism spectrum include difficulties with the social skills that an organization like PowerSourcing can creatively address.

We create an environment in which programmers and technicians with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can do what they do best without the anxiety of some of the person to person interactions or sensory obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from doing their best work. The result is that our clients receive the work of highly focused programmers who show unusual attention to detail and perfectionism, and we create the environment where they can do their best work.

Training and Jobs for Autistic People

We provide ongoing training, coaching, management and part-time and full time work opportunities for adults with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders in the United States. Presently, we have four locations in Austin, Houston, Orlando and Plano, TX, with other locations coming soon.

We find that just as with neurotypical individuals, autism speaks most distinctly through meaningful work and the satisfaction that comes from it.

The individuals who make up PowerSourcing simply seek to provide the work that we do best to augment your company’s marketing, application development, 2D and 3D graphics needs, help desk staffing and more.

Contact PowerSourcing to discuss how we might fit your business model through outsourcing your technical work.

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    Hiring Individuals with Autism Spectrum Makes Sense


    The technical training and performance expectations of individuals with autism in the technical fields of Application Design and Development, Computer Generated Art Production, Help Desk and Back Office Support are every bit as rigorous as the training for neurotypical individuals entering these fields.

    Technical training introduces and facilitates student engagement and mastery of industry standard tools and technologies, meaning that there is no need for translation between our clients’ technology and our own. As a PowerSourcing client you can expect the same high standards you would from any other technology outsourcing company.

    Work Ethic

    Our techs, artists, designers and managers love the work we do and do it from a place of extreme attention to detail and gratefulness at having the opportunities to do good work. Clients find that our work is always of the highest quality and built to top industry standards.

    Project Cost

    PowerSourcing understands that keeping projects within budget while exhibiting the highest quality workmanship is of the highest importance to our clients. We can help your company achieve your technological goals at a price that works for you.

    Because we are structured as a non-profit organization we can work with your organization to structure payments in such a way that you receive credit for the good you are doing.

    Project Turn Around Time

    Expect your outsourced technical projects contracted through PowerSourcing to arrive on time, quality checked and fully functional. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our follow-through and commitment to budgets and deadlines we establish with the clients for whom we provide solutions.

    Project Communication

    We know that good communication is as important to a project manager as staying on schedule and under budget. We also know that one of the obstacles to hiring individuals with autism is related to communication skills.

    As a project manager, when you hire PowerSourcing for a project, you will have a point of contact who is accessible and easy to reach, accountable and reliable. We keep our clients informed of progress. We stay ahead of the development process and anticipate any challenges and address them internally first. We provide our clients with exemplary customer service that always brings them back to work with us on new projects.

    Get the communication about your project started by calling us at: (469) 925-3060 or simply filling out the form on this page.

    “I enjoyed getting to learn how to code specifically for real-life application development. The new program and interface were both fairly easy to get used to and I enjoyed working as part of a team.”


    nP Student

    Providing Jobs for Autistic People:
    Austin TX

    Looking for App Developers in Austin, Texas? Look no further. Why outsource abroad when you can get great results in the United States?

    PowerSourcing, AUSTIN, TX

    6618 Sitio Del Rio Blvd
    Bldg E Suite 102
    Austin, TX 78730


    Autism At Work in:

    We’re a software development company staffed by individuals on the autism spectrum and located in Orlando, FL.

    PowerSourcing, ORLANDO, FL

    2500 Maitland Center Pkwy
    Suite 130
    Maitland, FL 32751


    Hire Autism Spectrum Individuals:
    Houston, TX

    We design and build custom software development and applications for mobile devices based right here in Houston, Texas.

    PowerSourcing, HOUSTON, TX

    10675 Richmond Ave
    Suite 120
    Houston, TX 77042


    Hire Autism Spectrum in:
    Dallas, TX

    Our mobile app designers are located in Plano, TX, near Dallas. App development, development testing, user experience, ux design and more.

    PowerSourcing, PLANO, TX

    5085 W. Park Blvd
    Suite 700
    Plano, TX 75093