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About the PowerSourcing Team

PowerSourcing: Putting Autism to Work®

One of the world’s most untapped resources is the potential of people on the autism spectrum. Our management works with nonPareil’s staff to identify individuals with the aptitudes, skills, and desire to work on the PowerSourcing team.

Our team is comprised of talented individuals with skills in a variety of different fields. These include mobile application development, 2D and 3D Art, Help Desk services, digital video creation, AR/VR, and more.

Engaging the PowerSourcing team means you expect top quality, enjoy cost reductions, and want to contribute to the mission of closing the unemployment gap of autistic adults.

We create an environment where our programmers, artists, and technicians can do what they do best. The result is that our clients receive the work of highly focused individuals who show unusual attention to detail.

Why nonPareil PowerSourcing?

You will receive top-quality work performed by a skilled team consisting of industry professional project managers and team members who have completed training at nonPareil. Together we create beautiful, cost-effective solutions that integrate the latest technologies. Our workplace engages with, encourages, and supports adults with Autism.

This is a key distinctive of PowerSourcing that sets us apart from other outsourcing companies.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you. Please click here to fill out some information or call us any time at 972-842-9002.