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PowerSourcing recently completed work on the Bloom Fitness app, which is now available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

PowerSourcing’s Houston App Developers iPhone team worked with Bloom Fitness to create a fitness app that will allow their athletes to participate in a variety of live and pre-recorded classes.  Ease of use for their athletes was one of the most important and desired design elements for the app and PowerSourcing met this need.  Athletes can get to a class with a minimum of clicks and can quickly start meeting their fitness goals.

This project required building an easy-to-use front end along with an administrator portal that could be easily accessed and used by Bloom Fitness’ instructors to modify existing classes and create new ones.  Communication between the PowerSourcing and Bloom Fitness teams during the development process was key to the success of this project.  The PowerSourcing team also created an easy-to-follow user manual for the Bloom Fitness athletes, instructors, and administrators.  Both teams were agile and adaptable to necessary changes to streamline the process and ensure that everyone was happy with the resulting Bloom Fitness app.

PowerSourcing is proud to have delivered the app that Bloom Fitness wanted, both on-time and also on-budget and are happy to be in talks with Bloom Fitness to create more features for the app in the near future.


Student and Tech Testimonials

“I enjoyed getting to learn how to code specifically for real-life application development. The new program and interface were both fairly easy to get used to and I enjoyed working as part of a team.” – Andrei (nP Student)

“ I enjoyed working with many members of my team and learning the ‘app giver’ tool. I also learned about saving and retrieving data from off-site servers!” – Spencer (nP Student)