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Bringing the Digital World to Life with 3D Models

PowerSourcing’s digital artists have an exceptional ability to create digital models for multiple industries and applications. From initial concept to final model, our skilled team works diligently to transform ideas to optimized digital models. Each model is tailored specifically for the final medium and use of the model. Key features of PowerSourcing’s digital modeling services include:

Conceptualization and Ideation: PowerSourcing collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision and needs. We ensure that every model accurately represents their requirements and objectives.

High-Quality Modeling: PowerSourcing’s digital artists deliver intricate and realistic 3D models, ensuring impeccable attention to detail.

Texturing: Making use of digital textures, models are brought to life, adding depth, realism, and vibrancy to the final assets.

Rigging and Animation: PowerSourcing excels in creating dynamic and interactive models through rigging and animation. This enables seamless integration into video games and digital applications.

Optimization: Recognizing the importance of performance optimization, PowerSourcing ensures that digital models are optimized for smooth functionality in video games (low or high poly), in digital apps, and for 3d printing (prototyping, creation of model masters, and custom model creation).