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Take a Tour of Bloom Fitness’ Exercise Apps for Disabled People

PowerSourcing’s Houston App Developers began working with Bloom Fitness a year ago to create a fitness app that will allow athletes to participate in a variety of live and pre-recorded classes with their own “personal trainer.” High on Bloom’s list of priorities was that the health app be easy to use. Athletes can get to a class with a minimum of clicks and can quickly start meeting their fitness goals.

Let’s take a tour of the app and see how the easy-to-use front end makes this free health application on the Apple and Google platform a perfect choice for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and… for anyone who just wants to get moving and increase their overall fitness.

Download the Bloom Fitness App from the App Store or Google Play

The Bloom Fitness App is free and is easily located on both the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. They can easily be downloaded from either store to your devise or Apple watch for no cost.

Bloom Fitness IOS Health App

Sign Up for an Account With Bloom Fitness

Signing up for an account to use your Bloom Fitness App is easy. It just requires an email address and a password. Once you’ve created your account, the login fields of both the IOS App and Google App are intuitive and access to resources is immediate and attractive.

Bloom Fitness Google App

Welcome to the Bloom Fitness App by PowerSourcing!

You will be greeted with a simple to use screen that tells you a little bit about your progress using the exercise application. It’s nice to see that the application remembers some basic health data to keep us on track.

The fonts, colors and graphics are branded according to the specifications provided to PowerSourcing by the Bloom Fitness team and they look great, fitting perfectly with Bloom Fitness’ website and other materials.

Exercise with a Live Class or with Prerecorded Workouts!

Upon entering the app, users are presented with Virtual Live Classes that are clearly marked by day of the week and time. Athletes can then log in to Bloom Live! and work out with their favorite instructor in real time. Nothing like being a part of a group to keep you motivated!

Health App Developer Houston

Choose Your Workout Instructor or Exercise!

Everybody has their favorite instructors and types of exercise, so the Bloom Exercise application allows users to filter classes by instructor or by exercise category. When you choose prerecorded workouts you can follow along with your favorite coach as you do your favorite workouts 24 hours a day!

Strength, Chair Fitness, Pilates, Yoga and dance round out the exercise categories, so you can get a little bit of cardio, strength training or core workout. The Yoga courses are recommended by many fitness experts because guided meditation is shown to improve mental health, lower heart rate, improve sleep patterns, encourage deeper sleep cycles and generally improve health conditions!

We chose Susy and did a Chair Fitness workout. She brought just the right level of encouragement and skillful instruction to help us burn off some stress and feel like we did our body good!

Bloom Fitness Application

Enjoy the Workout!

For the prerecorded video, our class opened with an attractive and energetic intro that looked great and got us pumped up about the workout to come! PowerSourcing and Bloom Fitness really did a nice job of packaging the workout videos to give you several different perspectives to let the viewer learn how to do the exercises with good form and the wide-angle views showed us instructors and fellow classmates demonstrating the routines at a pace that we were able to easily keep up with.

An easy-to-read countdown timer lets us know how much longer we will need to hold the position until we can take a short break. The exercises were well within the expectation of an individual of average health and the overall effect was one of encouragement and improvement.

Health App Developer

Health Apps Shouldn’t be Intimidating!

And Neither Should the App Development Process!

PowerSourcing welcomed the opportunity to create an application that allowed our app developers the opportunity to help a great organization and to empower members of our community to get healthy!

The application created by our ios app development agency in Houston can be accessed on the back end through an intuitive administrator portal by Bloom Fitness’ instructors to update existing classes and create new exercise routines.

The PowerSourcing team also created an intuitive user manual for the Bloom Fitness athletes, instructors, and administrators.

PowerSourcing delivered the app that allowed Bloom Fitness to reach even more of their target population. This means that the Bloom Fitness mission to bring out the “athlete in everyone” is now easily disseminated through the App Store and the Google Play Store. PowerSourcing is looking forward to bringing our unique way of working to others through the development of medical and health applications going forward.

PowerSourcing is eager to build upon our success with Bloom Fitness to possibly create more health tracking apps to enable sleep cycle tracking, monitoring blood sugar, store test results and health records and improve diet.

If you would like to discuss your health app, exercise app or any other application, please contact our mobile app development agency in Houston by calling: 972-842-9002

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