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In late 2013 the PowerSourcing team was awarded a grant from Amazon Web Services as part of their ID&E Innovation Fund. This grant allowed the PowerSourcing team to build a proof of concept working demo of a virtual reality educational game. The team working on the project brought together adults on the autism spectrum from across all of nonPareil’s training sites. Over twenty technologists came together and made use of their skills in Blueprinting/Scripting, Game and Level Design, Digital Modeling, and more to bring the project to life.

Beyond the Event Horizon allows players to use a virtual reality headset to explore a derelict spaceship, encounter enemies, solve puzzles and eventually escape. Rather than being a standard first-person shooter, though, the combat system for Beyond the Event Horizon is based on answering 5th grade math questions. The game not only provides exciting gameplay and exploration, but also reinforces real-world skills.

A larger version of Beyond the Event Horizon is currently being worked on by the PowerSourcing team. It will include more spaceships to explore, additional puzzles, and more enemies to defeat. Once completed, it will be released for free for all to enjoy. The PowerSourcing team excels in creating engaging educational games that offer fun gameplay elements alongside learning opportunities. These can be created for any age group and to support any learning needs.

PowerSourcing is a part of nonPareil, a post-secondary training option for adults with autism. PowerSourcing specializes in creating custom software solutions for businesses. To learn more about how we can collaborate with your company or app development team, contact us at: 972-842-9002