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Let's Talk About Architectural Visualization!

The PowerSourcing team can create high quality, immersive environments for you!

nonPareil has an exceptional track record of training young adults with autism in technical and digital media/art skills. The PowerSourcing team, the outsourcing arm of nonPareil, has expertise in creating virtual reality environments using the Unreal Engine. These environments are ideal for use in architectural visualization and virtual training.

We are able to create virtual walkthroughs of any buildings, allowing clients to explore spaces before they are constructed. This helps architects and designers refine their plans and also enables clients to make informed decisions about their projects. This is similar to what you may have seen on various popular television shows.

The team can also create post-construction walk through tours. This is helpful to preparing visitors before they tour a location or as an aid to showcase design features.

By outsourcing work to the PowerSourcing team, you are tapping into a pool of exceptional talent. Each member of the team has been skillfully trained in their area of expertise. Their remarkable attention to detail, unparalleled focus, and unwavering dedication brings a fresh perspective to the art of architectural visualization.

Want to see more examples of our work? Reach out or take a look at our projects page!

PowerSourcing is a part of nonPareil, a post-secondary training option for adults with autism. PowerSourcing specializes in creating custom software solutions for businesses. To learn more about how we can collaborate with your company or app development team, contact us at: 972-842-9002