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Oncor Super Safe Kids

Commissioned by the Oncor Electric Delivery Company, PowerSourcing’s development team completed the educational safety game, Super Safe Kids. This edutainment application is designed to teach 7–10-year-old children about electric safety precautions. Lessons include how to be safe around power lines, gathering items for a home safety kit, and helping others be safe.

PowerSourcing’s development team worked with Oncor to develop every aspect of the educational safety game. The team ensured that it met the aesthetic and educational needs of Oncor. Using the Unreal Engine, a fully realized digital neighborhood was created that allows players to explore and learn. Super Safe Kids takes players on a captivating journey where they encounter various scenarios related to power line safety.

Through interactive gameplay, children learn important lessons on how to avoid hazards associated with power lines. This includes topics such as maintaining a safe distance from power lines and recognizing potential dangers. Additionally, the educational safety game emphasizes the importance of helping others. Incorporating scenarios where players can assist virtual neighbors in need helps reinforce the value of community and empathy.

The game’s immersive characters, 3D environment, and emphasis on practical skills, such as assembling a safety kit, make it an effective tool for educating and empowering young minds. Finally, by combining educational content with engaging gameplay experiences, Super Safe Kids offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn about power line safety.