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App Development Company PowerSourcingIt might be argued that Apple’s predictions and claims about the iPhone back in January 2007 were not exaggerations, but perhaps it’s true that even the tech giant could never have known how their newest offering would “change everything.”

Since the launch of the iPhone which would be followed by other smart phones such as the Android and subsequent App Stores, the way we do business, buy things, communicate and live have changed for better or worse. These days, business owners don’t so much wonder whether an application or “smart phone app” is right for their business so much as wonder how an app will augment their business, whether they can afford to develop an app and who features the most reliable Android or iPhone App Development Texas has to offer that they should hire to create such an application.

Should I Create a Business App?

It’s great that you’ve considered stepping into considering the prospect of using technology to move your business forward, to better connect with your customers or workforce, but, let’s put the horse before the cart.

Start with the problem that you are trying to solve for your business. Any application that you endeavor to build for your company should have a clear purpose. Remember, apps don’t have to be customer-facing. Some companies use application that are customized to help their workforce break down tasks and catalogue their progress or verify that steps to complex processes are being followed accurately.

One example might be how an international telecom company is arming it’s installers with iPhones and a proprietary app that reminds installers of the crucial steps involved in the installations that they are making to equipment installed on data towers in Africa. The app provides simple, step by step instructions and allows them to take a photo to document their work. It also ensures that the steps are completed in order before allowing them to progress onto the next step.

Imagine the leap of productivity that this company is experiencing by being able to reduce training and oversight costs, improve attention to detail, monitor employee work in real time and provide seamless adherence to procedure!

How Much Does An App Cost To Create?

Once you understand how you will employ an application for your business you are in a better position to understand the apps intrinsic value to your company. You will be in a better position to understand exactly what you need from your app developer and you will know if the costs are in line with the value that the phone app will add to your company.

Like any hire or investment in equipment, the app development price must make sense in the calculation of increased revenue or productivity. However, as we mentioned earlier, many companies put the cart before the horse and therefore and the cost to build the app is not tethered to the prospect of increasing real and measurable value to the company.

In answer to our earlier question about mobile app development cost: How much? The answer is: It Depends.

Know what problem you want to solve. How much would solving that problem be worth to you? Once you have arrived at a dollar amount you will have a more realistic number in mind when considering the cost of developing the app to solve your problem. From here, you are now on your way to creating an app development budget.

Keep in mind that businesses grow and technology changes. Developing an application is usually not a one and done prospect. Any app worth having is worth improving as new services are needed, as problems arise and must be overcome and as technology marches onward. We’re talking about the cost of maintaining, patching and improving your app in the future.

While app maintenance costs might be impossible to predict before you’ve even begun developing your application, you stand a better chance of increasing your success at “solving your problem” if you understand that this must be built into your final average cost. In fact,

How Long Does It Take To Create An App?

Now that you understand more about the specific-to-your-business problem that our app development team is endeavoring to solve with your custom business iPhone app or Android app, you will understand that the answer to how long the app development process will take must again be: it depends.

There are a range of functionalities available to be packaged into a mobile app generally pulling in data from various sources and integrating them into a functional whole. Complex apps like Uber pull in customer information, location information, payment api’s, location tracking, web interface, integration of social networks, push notifications and much more. Simpler applications, it would seem would take less time to develop and therefore possibly have a lower final cost.

Again, careful and thorough planning by you, your project manager and your team will often times make a big difference when dealing with software development companies both in the cost to develop your app and in the amount of satisfaction you feel with the final product.

At What Stage of Planning Should I Contact an App Builder?

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