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Partnership with the UTD Center for Brain Health

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) called upon the PowerSourcing team to work wit the renowned Center for Brain Health. The Center for Brain Health developed the Charisma Virtual Social Coaching Program as a state-of-the-art virtual training environment. Charisma is a personalized, avatar-driven, social skill training program. Based on over a decade of research, Charisma combines live, strategy-focused social coaching with in-the-moment practice in a realistic environment. Additionally, Charisma is convenient, strength-based, unscripted training that is conducted entirely online.

By leveraging innovative technology and its expertise in virtual reality technology, the PowerSourcing team went to work. And the result was a fully realized movie theatre to be used as part of the Charisma program. The “Orpheus Theatre” will give Charisma participants the opportunity to walk through a virtual representation of a real movie theatre. What’s more, they will experience a ticket booth, a concession stand, and can find their movie in the theatre. Benefitting the virtual reality expertise of the PowerSourcing team, environments can be created that provide for transformative learning experiences.